Prepare Your Home Against Extreme Weather – Crimsafe’s Top Tips


Extreme weather, such as severe thunderstorms, flooding, windstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes can all pose a threat to your home. Want to learn how to prepare your home against extreme weather, and keep your family, your property, and your possessions safe? Get some of our top tips in the article below.


1. Have An Emergency/Evacuation Plan


First things first, you’ll want to make sure you come up with an emergency plan and evacuation to keep your family safe in extreme weather. Follow the advice of all local authorities. This guide from FEMA is a helpful resource for developing an emergency plan.


2. Inspect Your Home’s Exterior Regularly


It’s a good idea to perform regular exterior inspections to look for things like damaged siding and other issues that could become worse in an extreme weather event. Damaged siding, for example, could allow water inside your home in a downpour.


3. Take A Look At Your Roof


Your roof should be inspected once per year. Look for loose shingles and signs of damage, which could get worse during extreme weather. In addition, make sure the gutters are cleaned regularly. Clogged gutters could become wet during heavy downpours and tear off of your roof, or lead to water buildup that could cause damage.


4. Keep Trees And Branches Trimmed


Make sure to trim away dead branches from trees whenever possible and consider trimming back trees that are close to your roof, windows and doors. Wind-blown debris from trees is a huge cause of property damage during severe weather.


5. Always Keep An Eye On The Forecast


Always check local weather forecasts and emergency broadcasts regularly when you’re at risk of severe weather like hail, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Knowing a storm is coming will give you more time to prepare.


6. Clean Up Your Yard, Patio And Outdoor Spaces


In a serious storm, wind can easily blow toys, furniture, decorations, power tools and more into your home, causing serious damage to your home, or even blowing around the neighborhood and damaging other structures. We recommend cleaning and securing all outdoor items before a major storm hits to minimize this risk.


7. Invest In Storm Screen Doors And Windows


For even more protection from wind-blown debris, storm screen doors and windows from Crimsafe are a great option. Storm screen doors and windows are made of an extremely strong steel mesh that helps protect your windows from damage, and absorbs impacts from wind-blown debris.


Follow These Tips – Keep Your Home And Family Safe!

With the right preparation tips and storm screen doors and windows from Crimsafe, you’ll be able to keep your family and your property safe and secure. Think about how you can implement these tips today, and make sure you’re protected from severe weather in the future.