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5 Ways to Pet Proof Your Home

Pets, for many, fill the role of a best friend. Though we often form lasting, loving relationships with our dogs, cats, or other animals, they can wreak havoc on your living space and belongings if a home isn’t properly prepared. Pet proofing a home is an essential step for any homeowner to ensure the safety of their pet and their belongings.

Put Things Away

Pets are often very curious. It’s in their nature. This curiosity can lead them to get into things that they shouldn’t. When you get a pet, be sure to stay on top of putting things away where they won’t be able to get to them. Whether it’s shoes, books, cleaning products, or food, you’ll want to keep them all away from a curious animal when pet-proofing your home.

Set Boundaries

No matter the training level of your pet, there may just be rooms that you don’t want them to have access to. Training a pet to stay away from certain areas of your home is definitely a possibility. If you an extra layer of protection for these rooms, closing doors will set effective barriers when pet proofing specific rooms. Whether it’s a bedroom or a bathroom, setting boundaries with your furry, or not furry, friends will help keep everyone happy and healthy.

Give Them a Place of Their Own

Part of pet-proofing your home is making sure that your pets are safe. There are many things to be aware of that could harm your pet, but we don’t often think about loud noises or stressful situations being dangerous. These triggers can often cause pets to feel anxious or frightened and lead them to destructive behaviors or an owner’s worst nightmare, a runaway pet. To help protect your pet, ensure that they have a safe place in your home where they will feel secure.

Whether it be a crate or a closet they can go into when these situations arise, just make sure their space is available. As a rule, always make sure your furry friends have on their collar that holds your current contact information in case they do somehow escape.

Pet Proof Like You’d Childproof

Sometimes a pet can become like a child to its owner, so it makes sense that in some cases, you’d need to pet-proof a home with the same detail and quality you would for a child. Investing in childproof latches for cabinets can help keep paws and noses from getting in places that they shouldn’t. Adjustable gates are another common childproofing product that work great for keeping your pet safe as well.

Design to Prevent Wear and Tear

When it comes to pets, they can often be unintentionally destructive, so it’s important to take design choices for your pet into consideration. While you should still design your home for your style, having a pet means some design choices won’t be optimal. Whether it’s flooring, furniture, window coverings, or screen doors, you’ll want to make style choices that are functional as well as make sense for your living situation.

A pair of drapes for a cat might look like a nice scratching post, or a regular screen door may not stand up to a dog going in and out of a home. Considering these design choices when pet-proofing your home can help avoid having to replace them later on.

Having a pet can provide various benefits to a person’s life. To ensure that making those memories lasts as long as possible, pet proofing your home is an essential step to take for your home. At Crimsafe, our security screens are tested to withstand debris thrown by hurricane-force winds and will withstand anything a pet can do. Each Crimsafe Security Screen is custom-built for your doors or windows and made to secure your home. There is no better way to pet-proof your home than with Crimsafe. Find a dealer near you and start protecting your home and what matters most.