Lifestyle Benefits of Crimsafe

Crimsafe security and hurricane screens are a leading product in ultimate strength and durability. A product that promises not only the utmost protection and lasting results but also added benefits as well. Our Crimsafe products offer benefits that improve your home or business and allow for added security. Our lifestyle benefits are just as enjoyable as the feeling of security and knowing your business or home is safe.

Energy Conservation

Crimsafe security screens are not only known for their durability and strength but also offer the benefits of reducing your home’s energy consumption. Our screens offer a 10 to 12-degree reduction in temperature which can make your home cool and stay cool. Crimsafe screens also filter 62% of UV radiation allowing you home to maintain a cool household in those hotter summer months. This also saves you money of air conditioning costs and reduces your home`s energy footprint. Thus, Crimsafe products can be paired perfectly with Star energy products to ensure your home is energy efficient.

Sleek Design and Unhindered Views

Crimsafe security screens offer a sleek design and stylish look for the perfect addition to any home or business. Crimsafe security screens can be bent to any shape without losing durability and strength. Our screens are so strong and durable with 304-grade stainless steel that there is no need to have unsightly bars or grills that can hinder the look of your home or business. Instead, we have a sleek design and a variety of colors to choose from. These screens also allow for unhindered views. The black mesh allows light to pool through it and instead can make your view even clearer.

Low Maintenance

Crimsafe security screens are easy to maintain and offer a long lifespan. Our security screen is coated with a powder that prevents corrosion. The stainless-steel mesh is also corrosion-resistant.  With a lifespan of 65 years, our stainless-steel mesh is prepared with a high-grade pretreatment and coated with a UV resistant powder to enhance and protect the product. The pretreatments remain intact and the mesh will not rust. Regular maintenance ensures that your Crimsafe screen will remain durable, sleek, and looking new for years to come. Some easy tips are using our Crimsafe wash and wax with warm water and a non-abrasive brush to clean. Our Crimsafe Care Guide can give you further tips on how to protect and maintain your investment.

Air Flow Without the Pests

Crimsafe security screens allow you to open those windows and doors and enjoy a cool breeze and the feeling of being outside in nature. Crimsafe screens are mosquito and fly safe, keeping out annoying pests and bugs. Mosquitos can carry a variety of diseases including malaria, yellow fever, and even the Zika virus. Our screen protects your loved ones and even customers from being bitten by these disease-carrying pests.  Also, other critters like snakes, small rodents, and even larger animals that can cause damage are prohibited by Crimsafe security screens allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without worry. Our screens are durable and strong but allows easy airflow and breezes to flow through your room, keeping your room cool and open while still secure.

Ultimate Security

Crimsafe security screens offer the utmost feeling of security and safety. Our screens have tamper-resistant Screw-Clamp™ technology that allows for added durability. Combined with 304-grade stainless steel mesh that can withstand large amount for weight and force as well as cuts. Crimsafe uses .9mm structural grade stainless steel to ensure the ultimate strength. Our screen protects your home and business from intruders that can leave lasting mental scars and massive amounts of lost and damaged property. Enjoy all the benefits of Crimsafe security and invest today.

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