Is Your Business Burglar Proof?

You have worked for a long time to build your business. You’ve created a place you’re proud to have and continue to grow. you start out in the morning excited to head to work. As you pull up you see it. Broken and shattered glass all over the front entrance to your business. You are crushed as you ever and see that it has been ransacked. The valuable equipment you worked so hard to buy stolen or broken.

Keep Track of Keys

It’s important to maintain who you give keys to and keep a record of it. The employees should turn in all keys when they leave your business. Code the keys so that they fit certain locks instead of just having one main key. Extra keys should be in a cabinet and kept out of reach, while lost keys need to be promptly reported and replaced.

Light it Your Building

Lighting up the area of your building is a great way to deter burglars. They want to work in the cover of darkness usually so as to be hidden away from people who could call the police and report them. Having lights in front of windows and other entrances is important to keeping your business from being burglarized.

Hid your Inventory

Items that are expensive and highly valuable to you need to be hidden and out of the way. If this is not possible and too much of a hassle, try to design your building with that in mind. Possibly placing these items in an organized but somewhat protected fashion can slow burglaries down as they search for valuable item sand give police more time to catch them if notified. Also be sure to register your equipment and have a security number on them as identification, making them harder to pawn and easier to track.

Give Signs You are There

Burglars will case area that they think are somewhat unoccupied for an easier job. If your business looks put together neat and taken care of it can deter burglars from trying to steel knowing that someone is there at the business most of the time. The only way to do this is to keep the exterior of your business updates as well as trimming and taking care of the landscape around your business.

Consider an Alarm System

Alarm systems can be a good way for burglars to quickly be deterred. A burglar may have only a couple minutes before the needed personal can be notified and leave. An alarm system also may scare a burglar for fear of getting caught. However, this is still a risk of the burglar being able to still cause damage fairly quickly. They can do more of a smash and grab, causing massive damage and still costing you money. Instead, you need to be proactive not reactive to possible burglaries after they have already happened.

Get the Ultimate Security

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