How to Disaster-Proof Your Business

You’ve worked hard for your business, undoubtably spending tireless nights building it. You have valued employees who depend on you to protect their livelihood and allow them to support their families. You need to ensure that your business runs smoothly for investors and customers alike. Having measures in place to protect your investment in the case of an emergency can make or break the success of your business, and disaster proofing is a necessary step in protecting everything you have worked so hard for.

What is Disaster Proofing?

Disaster proofing is the practice of ensuring that your business suffers as little, if any, damage in the event of a “disaster.” This could be protecting your home from natural disasters like earthquakes or large storms. Since we are in the middle of hurricane season, protection against massive wind gusts and heavy rains is essential. Aside from superficial and structural damage, hurricanes can leave your office without power for days or weeks on end, a nightmare for productivity.

Take inventory

The first step in disaster proofing is truly taking inventory of what physical items reside in your building that you can’t afford to lose, these can include important documents all the way to expensive equipment. You should also evaluate how your building is designed- are there many windows? It is in lower elevation and possibly at risk of flooding? What about the condition of the structure? Is it run down and one gust of wind could just about destroy it? It’s important to consider the condition of your space in order to make the improvements that will help protect it best in the case of an emergency.

Protect your Documents and Equipment

If you have priceless documents or equipment you need to protect, you first need to fireproof and waterproof the buildings and warehouses that store these assets. Buying a waterproof cabinet can save important documents from flooding or plumbing disasters. Always keep important equipment away from windows that could break from high winds or flying debris.

In addition to physical measures, business owners should be digitally backing-up their most important records on a secure server, along with other crucial electronic information. This could mean possibly having a cloud-based service to ensure that your important electronic data will not be lost in the event of damage to the server or disconnected Wi-Fi.

Build Up Your Roof

Your roof can be a neglected area of your building, but a strong roof can prevent a collapse and complete destruction of your business. Hurricanes cause high winds which can rip roofs right off of their base. These weak areas can cause your roof to overturn. Conduct a regular inspection to make sure all of your fasteners are in place, and watch for loose equipment or roof hatches that may cause your roof to overturn.

Secure your Outdoor Items

Signs and decorations are a great way to bring customers to your business. However, these outdoor decorations can also be turned into flying debris in the event of a large storm. Debris can- and will- hit and damage your business, as well as the surrounding buildings in your community. Before a storm ensure that all your signs are screwed in and secure. If they are paper signs take them inside, and remove any outdoor decoration that can be easily blown away.

Have a Backup

In the occurrence of a natural disaster, power can easily cut off for a week or more. Invest in backup electricity with a generator. This can ensure that your business stays running and maintains some operations in the event of the storm. Investing in lightning protection systems can also be a great way to prevent dangerous and damaging lightning strikes.

Invest In Protection

Windows and doors can be easily damaged, or even rip off entirely, in the event of disasters like hurricanes. Crimsafe Hurricane Debris Screens are ideal for protecting your business against high winds and flying debris. Our patented design ensures better protection from not only hurricane damage, but also possible intruders. Our Tensile-Tuff® mesh uses 0.9mm 304 structural-grade stainless steel, ensuring that our screens are stronger than the rest. Invest in protecting and disaster proofing your business today with Crimsafe.