How To Cope Post Burglary

A burglary can have massive effects on one’s psyche. A burglary isn’t just a breach of privacy and loss of property. Burglaries can insight deep emotions of discomfort and fear. Going through a burglary can be an incredibly horrific experience. It can completely rob you of peace of mind. They also make you incredibly fearful of what could happen next time, even if only property was destroyed this time.

The After Effects

Many victims describe the feeling of complete unrest, many complain of sleepless nights and tons of anxiety. It is important to be aware of how burglary can leave a deep impact that may last, and it is okay to try to receive help. Younger victims are especially suspectable to being affected by the aftereffects of a burglary.

Many people have aftereffects of unease and sleeplessness. Many people obsessively wash clothes that were rifled through. People feel a sense of loss in the precious items that may have been taken. Thus, also experiencing a time of mourning for this loss. In more severe cases a person may develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the event, a condition revolving around anxiety from a traumatic event. With this condition, people may have intense flashbacks and nightmares, depression, and anxiety and may even abuse substances to counteract the intensity of the condition.

How to Cope

It’s important to begin learning how to cope post burglary by understanding and being patient with yourself. It is completely natural to feel violated among other feelings after a break-in. There is no true right way to feel. It is equally important to talk about these feelings. Make sure to establish connections and regularly get out those feelings that you may be bottling up. Remember that you are not alone and even consider seeking help or seeking a support group that may have gone through what you have.

Practice Mindfulness and Breathing

Make sure to check out ways to cope with intense anxiety, these could be breathing techniques to grounding techniques. Practicing breathing techniques can center you again try breathing in through your nose and out your mouth, stay relaxed, and feel your stomach rise and fall. Count down during this breathing, breath in for four and out for four. Pay attention to the feelings in your body and focus on being present.

Establish a Routine and Take Care of Yourself

Establishing a routine can help with feelings of losing control and anxiety. Establishing a routine of work and fun is important to keeping a balance and taking control once again. Working and focusing is good for your mental health, and taking much needed little breaks is important to your mental health. Make sure you are exercising, eating healthy, and staying hydrated to support immune and mental health.

Time for Empowerment

It can be incredibly good to learn how to cope post burglary by trying to boost your confidence and look into ways to protect yourself. Some victims say that they took self-defense classes and attended support to empower themselves. Attending therapy sessions and finding ways to cope is important. It can also be beneficial to look into police tips on preventing a break-in. Home security is a wonderful way to improve peace of mind and ensure that you can protect your home and loved ones. At Crimsafe we can evaluate what products are perfect for you and can help you feel in control and at home again.