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Security screens are wonderful ways to keep your summer an enjoyable experience. Security screens have numerous benefits that allow for the perfect summer experience. They allow for airflow, reduction in heat from daylight, air circulation, and the ability to look out and enjoy the weather without letting those pesky bugs in. Security screens are a worthwhile investment for any homeowner looking to enjoy their summer.

Keeping the Heat Out

Keeping that intense sunlight out security screens allow for natural light that doesn’t increase the temperature of your home. Security screens allow you to enjoy the natural light without starting to feel that intense sun. Our stainless-steel mesh design blocks 53 percent of solar heat gain and UV rays protecting against that hot sun. This also can reduce air conditioning costs and allow that natural airflow to be your day-time air conditioning. Letting those windows open allows you to enjoy the weather and also the other benefits of security screens.

Enjoy the Weather

Security screens allow you to enjoy the outdoor weather by opening up those windows and doors and letting in that summer air. Summer months are the times you want to let those windows up and enjoy that weather. Give your home that tropical outdoor feel, without any of the downsides or open windows and doors, and invest in a security or screen door today. The open windows and doors will allow for an open space and fresh air feeling. Bars or grills that can hinder your views are not needed due to the durability of our super strong mesh. Security screens also add a layer of protection against possible falls, open your window, enjoy the weather, and know the little ones are safe from climbing somewhere they’re not supposed too.

Secure Your Home

Security screens allow your home to be secured and safe as you enjoy that’s summer weather. You can spend time in your home allowing the light summer breeze to flow. While not having to worry about whether intruder will come in due to your strong security screen door, much more durable than a wooden or plastic door. A security screen door allows for invited visitors to come into your home. Our security screen options are tested to provide the optimal level of strength and durability against any possible intruder, making entrance nearly impossible.

Keeping those Critters out

Security screen doors also allow you to enjoy the weather and let in that summer breeze while avoiding letting in any of those insect invaders. Insects can cause damage, pain, and even spread diseases. Various bugs like spiders, roaches and even mosquitos can present a problematic guest, biting and possibly spreading disease. None likes to feel the sting of a bite in the comfort of their home. Our security screen doors allow you to feel comfortable and confident knowing you won’t be letting any of those uninvited critters in. At Crimsafe offer a variety of security screen options that offer all the benefits you need.

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