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Home Design Tips to Conserve Energy

Energy efficiency is not only great for the environment and reducing the depletion of natural resources, but also for saving you money. Energy-efficient homes are not unrealistic and can save you money later on when investing in energy-efficient products and landscaping. One such product is a Crimsafe security screen ensuring durability and security while also being energy efficient and saving you money on air conditioning costs. There are some easy home design tips to ensure that your home can be as energy efficient as possible to conserve energy and reduce cost.

Install a Skylight

Not only is a skylight beautiful and adds space to any room but it also improves heating and air ventilation. The skylight can provide natural daylighting that can increase the feeling of openness in your home. Skylights provide ventilation with new designs offering daylighting without heat gain or heat loss. There are energy star products that offer skylights perfect for reducing energy consumption.

Seal Your Home

Another way to reduce energy consumption is to be sure to be efficient with heat loss or gain. Look around in your home to see where you are losing air. Sealing the gaps and cracks in windows and doors is important to reduce energy costs in your home. Also, be sure to establish good insulation levels.

Look into the Right products

Look into incorporating energy efficient products in your home by looking up how much your appliances use. Kitchens are one of the most frequently used rooms and this takes a lot of energy, kitchen appliances can be especially high on your electricity cots. There are loads of options for choosing an energy efficient appliance.

Replace the light bulbs in your home with energy-efficient light bulbs. These can be found in most places and can reduce the loss of money from the heat of the bulb. Traditional bulbs use a lot of energy to produce light and most businesses and homes are now replacing their lighting with energy-efficient bulbs. Also taking out the bulbs you don`t use in rooms can help significantly. You can choose from a variety of options perfect for your home.

Design a Certain Landscape

Your home design can be designed from the beginning to establish energy efficiency. Planting trees is always helpful to increasing air quality and aiding the environment. You can plant trees on the south and west sides of your home. These will provide shade in the summer and once the leaves fall sunlight in winter. You can start a compost pile and create a valuable fertilizer for your lawn while also reducing the amount of waste you use. Installing solar panels is also an option to completely switch your home and save money on energy bills and even qualify for tax incentives.

Incorporate Crimsafe Products

Crimsafe security screens have various added benefits besides strong security. Crimsafe security screens can reduce heat in your home by 10 to 12 degrees.  While also filtering UV radiation by 62% thus keeping your home cool while also reducing the loss of heat. You can open doors and windows and enjoy the beautiful views and cool breezes while knowing your home is saving in energy consumption and cost.