Easy Ways To Improve Your Front Door Security


No matter your neighborhood or geographical location, there is never any harm in improving your front door security. With a properly secured front door, you bring yourself peace of mind and an overall feeling of ease.

You can confidently leave home, and turn off the lights at night, without that nagging feeling that your home might be too easy to break into. Luckily, there are many ways to upgrade your front door security without breaking the bank.

Turn on Your Outdoor Lights

Seems simple enough, right? Turning on your outdoor lights can be an immediate deterrence for potential thieves. A great step to take in this direction is a motion sensor light. They are inexpensive, and they have a surprise element. You can get your hands on one at any local hardware store, and they’re easy to install.

Reinforce Existing Door Locks

You don’t have to completely replace the locks on your doors to make them safer. You can simply add a little bit of reinforcement! Front door locks can be easy to wrench loose, especially for criminals who are skilled in doing so.

Solid strike plates, or the plates that surround the spot where a deadbolt enters your door frame, are a wonderful addition as well. You can purchase them on their own or buy a new lock that comes with one. These will make it more difficult for a criminal to smash your door in, with tools or without.

Install A Deadbolt

Speaking of deadbolts, if your current front door doesn’t have one, you should get one right away. Deadbolts are a fantastically affordable way to spruce up your front door security. They add a whole new level of protection to your existing locks.

They are easy to put in, just make sure that you do it correctly. The deadbolt should fully extend into the opening of the door-jamb, and then reinforced with a metal strike plate. These two combined offer amazing protection in a minor upgrade.

Add A Peephole

Adding a peephole is a good idea, whether it be a standard peephole or wide angle. If you’re going to put one in, it might as well be a wide angle one so you can see everything on your step. This will keep you from opening your door into a less than desirable situation.

Being able to see what is on the other side of the door is a wonderful advantage, and the mere presence of a peephole is likely to deter any activity anyway. Front door security is something that we don’t think about every day, but should never cast it aside as unimportant.

Install a Security Screen Door

While not the most inexpensive tip on this list, security screen doors offer a priceless benefit to improving your front door security. These screens, like those provided by Crimsafe, are designed to resist cutting and withstand tremendous force, making forced entry nearly impossible. Additionally, you can leave your standard open to let in the breeze, while still feeling safe and secure.

Just a few minor details and easy upgrades can make your home much safer than it previously was. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to make it happen. A simple upgrade can make all the difference.