Replacing Door and Window Screens: Why You Should Hire A Professional


Going about replacing your door and window screens by yourself can make for disastrous results. The task is not as easy as it seems. Also, if you’re considering replacing screens in your home, your best bet is to go with an option that will give your home security doors and windows.

When the time comes for replacement, it’s a good idea to upgrade your home security at the same time. If the security aspect of new screens is appealing to you, it’s best to hire a professional that has the skill set to complete the installation successfully.

Begin With An In-Home Consultation

If it’s time to replace or upgrade the screens in your home, starting with a consultation is the best way to kick off the process. The knowledge that you’ll get out of a professional will be incomparable to the information that you’ll come across on your own.

A professional will be able to assess, from the get go, which type of security doors and windows will work for you and your home. After the walkthrough and assessment is complete, you’ll be able to have them write up and estimate in regards to how much the project will cost.

This is a much faster way to figure out what you’ll spend and will likely be less than if you did it on your own, especially when you take the quality of the security screens installed into consideration.

Installation and Investment

Hiring a professional for your security doors and windows will ensure a high-quality installation, so the products do what they’re intended to do. Security screens that are installed incorrectly can render themselves useless if the need for them should arise in the future. Deterring a criminal is a much easier job for screens that have been installed professionally.

If you choose a professional, you’ll get a better return on your investment because the job will be done correctly the first time. A do it yourself project might seem tempting, but when dealing with security it’s important to execute the installation perfectly.

Also, the best security screens available, such as the mesh screens produced by Crimsafe, are available only through professional dealers. Just one more reason to take the professional route!

The Finished Product

When your security doors and windows installation is complete, you’ll feel a peace of mind that you’ll be unable to put a price on. High quality security mesh screens will keep your family safe in the face of a potential break in, and that is worth all the money in the world. Plus you’ll get all the benefits of a regular mesh screen, such as keeping the bugs out while letting the breeze in.

If you’re ready to take the next step in home security by replacing the window and door screens in your home, start by finding a trusted professional installer in your area. You can find a list of security mesh dealers here. Thousands of happy customers are now enjoying safer homes with a professional finish. Don’t hesitate to be next!