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Crimsafe Window and Door Screens: The Facts

We know you care about your consumers the same way we care about ours. You want to make sure you’re offering them the best products on the market and giving them as many options as you can to make their dreams, a reality.

What if you could give them a screening option for their home or business that wasn’t just a decorative touch, but a true protectant against human threats and natural forces?

Crimsafe set out to change the market when it came to security window and door screens, innovating and creating products that were stronger, sturdier, lasted longer and protected against more than anything that had come before it. And we did it.

Crimsafe Ultimate

We took everything we knew about security screens and tried to make it better, that’s where our Ultimate line was born from.

Improving on our industry leading standard screens, we made the Ultimate line 40% stronger and seven times stronger than the impact level required by most standards.

Our unique Tensile-Tuff mesh utilizes .9mm thick 304 stainless steel to create a barrier that is harder to cut, penetrate, puncture and tear than most any other mesh on the market. Couple that with our Screw-Clamp system that secures the mesh to the frame along with twice the number of screws compared to our regular model, and you get a true defensive barrier.

More Than a Crime Stopper

Our first goal was keeping our customers safe and secure in their homes and offices, but we also managed to throw even more benefits into our Ultimate system. These include:

  • Unmatched resistance from insects. Our steel mesh and vice grip clamping system eliminate the weak points that insects have used for decades to crawl into homes.
  • Corrosion resistant materials. All the fasteners we use are tested to withstand the equivalent of 30 years of exposure to the elements.
  • Thanks to our stronger mesh and enhanced clamping system, our Ultimate system can span wider and higher openings than ever before. This makes it the perfect choice for four season rooms, balconies and patio enclosures.
  • Something our parents love is the fall protection our security screens provide. Tensile-Tuff vastly reduces the risk of little ones accidently falling through windows and allowing parents to feel comfortable leaving the windows open on those breezy spring days.

Truly an Investment

The window and door screens of yesteryear were merely a purchase. Our security screens and doors are an investment. By putting our proprietary mesh to work, our customers are able to reduce 53% of solar heat gain and block 62% of UV rays.

Heat gain/loss through glass windows continues to be the biggest culprit in rising HVAC costs, our screens minimize that impact, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs.

Going a step further, our products are also rated at the highest level against brush fires and can withstand hurricane force winds and debris, routinely holding strong against 150 mph wind gusts.

Offer Your Customers the Best

If you’re ready to not only offer your customers the best protection against home intrusion by humans and by mother nature, but an investment in their home or office, then check out our website, and contact us to become part of the Crimsafe family.