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Security Door Dealer 101 – The Hidden Benefits Of Crimsafe Security Doors and Window Screens

So, you’ve told yourself “I want to be a security door and window screen dealer”, but now you’re wondering how to get started!

In this article, we’ll answer some of your top questions – including “how do I sell security doors and window screens?” Crimsafe security doors and window screens have a number of features and benefits, and if you understand them you will be more encouraged to distribute Crimsafe security doors and windows right away!

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  1. Crimsafe Security Doors And Windows Help Reduce UV Heat

I want to sell security doors and window screen – so what should I focus on in my sales pitch? If you answer “the ability to stop criminals from entering the property”, you’re half-right – especially if you are not selling to commercial clients.

Commercial clients tend to focus on the ability of security screen windows and doors to prevent property theft and destruction. But residential clients not only want to hear about the security benefits but the additional benefits of security doors and window – so other sales techniques are often appropriate.

One of the biggest benefits of Crimsafe products is that they reduce your energy costs. It has been shown that the stainless steel mesh used in security door and window screens reduce UV heat by 53%, which can make the entire home much more energy-efficient.

Over time, these security windows and doors pay for themselves – due to savings created by this energy efficiency.

  1. Crimsafe Products Prevent Insects and Other Unwanted Pests  From Entering Your Home

The stainless steel mesh used in Crimsafe ’s security doors and window screens has the same opening size as a tradition residential window screen.  This will allow the screen to not only keep out burglars but other unwanted intruders, including bugs.  Even Crimsafe’s security doors offer a “bug sweep” to ensure nothing creepy crawls under the door.

This makes Crimsafe security doors and window screens the perfect solution for those that want to secure their home from intruders while ensuring the bugs and critters stay out.  

  1. Crimsafe Security Doors And Windows Prevent The Spread of Fire

The screens used on Crimsafe products are less than 1/16th of an inch in aperture size, which means that they are helpful for preventing embers from entering homes – which is a huge benefit in wildfire-prone areas.

In addition, it was found by Exova Warringtonfire that Crimsafe screens and doors can help reduce the intensity of radiant heat by up to 59%, making it a viable fire attenuation product.

Know The Selling Points For Security Doors And Window Screens – Sell More Effectively!

If you have just started a security door and window screen business, or you’re interested in doing so, the above guide will be very helpful when it’s time to sell Crimsafe products.

Want to learn more about security doors and window screens? You can learn more about installation from AISC, check Guidestar to learn more about non-profit security organizations, and visit the Institute Of Door Dealer Education & Accreditation to enhance your knowledge even further.

Still have questions? Contact us now. We’d be glad to talk to you about our products.