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Crime Rate Statistics That We Saw in 2019

There are still high risks for homeowners to become a burglary or robbery statistic. Here is an overview of some 2019 statistics and trends we saw in...
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Seasonal Trends for Your Security Door

Security doors are functional in protecting your home from invasions by providing an additional barrier to entry. They are also useful for those...
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Do I Really Need a Security System?

As home invasions get more common, more people are investing in home security systems. There are both pros and cons of getting a home security...
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5 Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

Several homeowners tend to make common home security mistakes that may not seem that big but can put their family and property in jeopardy. Always...
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Secure Your Home With These 4 Tips

House invasions are one of the most common crimes in the world. Times may be changing, but home invasion rates invasions keep on increasing. This is...
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Alarm or Security Screen? Which Should You Get?

  Keeping your property and family safe is of utmost importance. This is why, as robberies and break-ins are increasing, more people are...
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How to Install a Security Screen Door

  If you live in a place where it’s hot almost all year – the smart decision would be to invest in a screen door. Screen doors are great for...
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Reasons Why You Should Get a Security Screen Door Today

Screen doors are mesh screens that are fitted over doors. They are a great feature to add to your home if you love fresh air and natural sunlight and...
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Secure Your Home for the Holidays

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s worth making some preparations to secure your home if you’re planning on going away. Often a...
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