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Benefits of Outdoor Enclosures

Outdoor enclosures are a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, let in natural light, and keep bugs out. Outdoor enclosures also increase home value...
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The Intruders You Want To Keep Out Of Your Home

All of us fear the reality of a stranger entering our home without permission, taking possessions, and violating our privacy and home. However, these...
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Security Screens: The Better Alternative to Storm Shutters

Shutters have grown increasingly popular over the years for providing protection for doors and windows against powerful weather. However, many...
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Are Crime Rates Seasonal?

Crime is not totally seasonal phenomenon, but trends suggest that rates do change with the weather. Crime rates over the past 10 years have continued...
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Enjoy Spring Without the Bugs

The best parts of spring are the warmer weather and blooming flowers but the worst part is, of course, all of the new bugs. Mosquitos, beetles,...
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property crime

How Likely Is Your Home to Be Broken Into?

No one wants to think that they will become a property crime victim. While we can all make sure we lock our doors and windows before we leave, keep...
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How to Protect Your Home While You’re Away

Vacation season is coming quickly, making more and more homes a prime target for burglaries and invasions. Homes with no security system are also 3...
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Crime Rate Statistics That We Saw in 2019

There are still high risks for homeowners to become a burglary or robbery statistic. Here is an overview of some 2019 statistics and trends we saw in...
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Seasonal Trends for Your Security Door

Security doors are functional in protecting your home from invasions by providing an additional barrier to entry. They are also useful for those...
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