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A mother and daughter practicing window safety

Window Safety Tips for Families

Windows are a beautiful and useful feature for any space. They not only let light in but can be used as a way to see what is going on outside. No...
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A rental property with a for rent sign in the yard

5 Renovations to Upgrade Your Rental Property

An empty rental property is a worst-case scenario for any landlord. While some factors can’t be controlled in the rental world, one thing...
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A man practicing renovation safety while laying floors

4 Home Renovation Safety Tips

Home renovations are how we start working towards the home of our dreams. While home improvement shows make these projects seem like simple tasks,...
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Crimsafe screen corner with many benefits

What are the Benefits of Crimsafe Security Screens?

Since Crimsafe came on the scene over 20 years ago, our security screens have provided various benefits and revolutionized the standard for mesh door...
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Satellite view of a hurricane

What to do During a Hurricane

Hurricane season varies by ocean and coast but typically begins in mid-May and runs through November. This is the time of year that these storms...
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A family leaving for a vacation

3 Tips to Secure Your Home While on Vacation

Taking a vacation is meant to give you a break and a chance to destress from your everyday routine. Whether you’re on the beach or in the...
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A wildfire in the forest

3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Wildfire: What You Need to Know

Summer and fall are the two times of the year where there is the most potential for a wildfire. During these seasons and in times of drought, the...
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A senior couple sitting - security tips

Senior Home Security Tips

Looking out for our loved ones is often on our minds as they age. We want to ensure that they will be safe and secure in their homes. Senior home...
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pet proof

5 Ways to Pet Proof Your Home

Pets, for many, fill the role of a best friend. Though we often form lasting, loving relationships with our dogs, cats, or other animals, they can...
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