Adapting to a New Way of Doing Business

As the business and personal landscape continues to change rapidly in response to COVID-19, we too are continually adjusting and adapting to the ‘new normal’ way to conduct business.

Demand is Very Strong

The demand for Crimsafe remains solid. Orders continue to come in and some dealers are actually reporting an uptick in leads. Traffic to the Crimsafe website is equivalent to last year.

Research indicates that in times of uncertainty, a person’s need for security and safety increases. People will turn to Crimsafe to fulfill this need, and this presents your business with an opportunity to continue to operate in a difficult market.

Insights We Have Seen

  • People are concerned and looking for ways to protect their home as economic pressures and crime rises.
  • People are still buying – yes people are worried about money, but the need to protect their home and family is stronger than ever. Quotes are converting as unprecedented rates.
  • Speed is your best friend – your success lies in your ability to respond to your customer’s inquiry quickly.

The Ability to Adapt is the Key to your Success

Here are some ideas and thoughts that dealers across the country have shared with us:

  • Inquiry process – it is essential to respond to and deliver on a customer’s inquiry quickly.
  • Have you thought about how you can speed up your response time? Have you thought about sending text messages?
  • Ask questions to determine their needs quicker.
  • Communication is key – being transparent, confident and concise is important.
  • Communicate to your customers that you are still open.
  • Have you followed up with those customers yet to respond to your quote?
  • Relevance is key – the market has changed quickly. Consumer needs have shifted.
  • Have you followed-up with those who previously said no to proceeding with their quote?
  • Have a customer’s circumstances changed?
  • Evolve to succeed – standing still is not an option.
  • Have you thought about consultations outside the home or remotely? FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.
  • How can you add value to the customer?
  • Prioritize hygiene and safety – this is front of mind and expectations have changed.
  • How are you reassuring your customer of your health and safety procedures? How are you abiding by Government guidelines?
  • How are you demonstrating that you are taking this situation seriously?

This is uncharted territory for all of us, but we are ready to assist and can help you to adapt and get through it.

Plan for the Future

We don’t know what will happen next, but we are already thinking about the changes and processes that we may have to put in place as this situation continues to evolve. Being prepared for future change is critical to being able to get through this.

  • Have you thought about how you will continue to operate if your community goes into lock-down?
  • How can you still respond to customer inquiries and manage customer expectations – no matter what happens?

You are not alone in this, and we will get through this together. We have a unique opportunity to come out the other side more resilient, stronger and better than ever before.

Michael Leigh
General Manager
Crimsafe North America