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Outdoor enclosures are a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, let in natural light, and keep bugs out. Outdoor enclosures also increase home value and can add to possible useable space in any outdoor area. The benefits of outdoor enclosures make them a wonderful addition to any home, and allow you to customize and bring elements into the space to enjoy it to its fullest potential.

Keeping Intruders Out

A little time outdoors can be a much-needed part of anyone`s day.  We all want to be able to enjoy some time outdoors, enjoy warm summer breezes, while also keeping our loved ones safe. Outdoor enclosures allow you to enjoy all the positives of the outdoors without sacrificing your safety and privacy. Also, enclosures keep insects and animal intruders out where they belong. You can let your furry buddies out to explore, sit and enjoy the weather without worrying about an intruder disturbing, harming or taking them. Outdoor enclosure allow you to watch the kids but also know that they are safe and secure indoors, away from strangers and possible intruders.

Enjoying the Weather

Outdoor enclosures allow you to spend time outdoors while not being affected by harsh weather conditions.  Sometimes we all just want a little time in the sun, to feel those warm rays. Or maybe you want a bit of shaded relaxation time. Outdoor enclosures allow you to enjoy sun and shade. Our Tensile Tuff mesh reduces solar hear and blocks UV rays to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space even if it is hot out. Our outdoor enclosures allows you to get that open, breezy space without any of the downsides of dealing with harsh weather or the damages that can come from it.

 Wonderful Use of Space

Patio enclosures and outdoor enclosures allow you to enjoy the views from your patio while also not having to endure the harsh weather.  Enclosures allow you to customize and create your own personalized space. Some customize their space with use of outdoor tile or wood. By having an outdoor enclosure, you can protect your outdoor wood, stone, or pavers from getting damaged. Outdoor enclosures can also present a wonderful space to keep plants and practice your green thumb. Without those harsh UV rays at their highest intensity plants can get some sunlight without being damaged by weather. Weather can also cause damage and pose dangers to outdoor furniture and decorations. Keep your precious outdoor haven safe with outdoor enclosures.

Invest In an Outdoor Enclosure

There are numerous benefits to investing in an outdoor enclosure. Crimsafe patio and outdoor enclosures present a super strong security to allow you to enjoy the outdoors, feel safe and secure, and protect your precious belonging from damage. Our outdoor screen enclosures can be installed floor to ceiling and curved to completely enclose your desired space. Our sleek enclosures are free from unsightly bars, c4eaitng a space that is free of obscured views Our screens can be secured to balcony areas and protect your loved ones from risk of falling. Our outdoor enclosures are secured completely to ensure protection against all types of intruders allowing you to enjoy the outdoor space you’ve worked so hard on.





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