5 Steps To Becoming A Security Door Dealer

5 Steps To Becoming A Security Door and Window Screen Dealer

“I want to be a security door and window screen dealer”, you tell yourself. But how can you get started with selling secure window screens and security doors?

In this article, we’ll give you all of the information that you need if you want to sell security doors and window screens. Learn how to become a security door window screen dealer now!

  1. Understand The Market For Security Doors and Window Screens Around You

Security doors and window screens appeal to a wide variety of clients.  From residents in affluent neighborhoods protecting their valuables to residents and crime-ridden areas looking to protect their family to even commercial properties looking to protect their businesses, the need for security doors and window screens is nearly endless.  

Typically, it’s best to establish your business in a centrally located spot for the area you plan to service.  This will allow you the best opportunity to service the widest variety of clients.

  1. Make Sure You Have The Expertise To Install Your Own Security Doors and Window Screens

When it comes to selling security doors and window screens, In general, it’s best to handle installation yourself or to have a team of trusted contractors who can work with you to perform the installations.

Most shop and homeowners want to deal with a full-service provider.  They don’t want to buy security doors and window screens and handle installation services separately, so this makes you a better value in their eyes. Partner with a certified fabricator to protect your reputation, and provide better services.

  1. Educate Yourself About The Benefits Of Security Doors And Security Windows Screens

To sell security doors and window screens, you must be able to quickly summarize the benefits of secured windows and doors – such as enhanced security against burglars and vandals, their ability to help reduce energy costs, better seals to keep out insects, and other such benefits.

Do some studying in the field, and take some security door and window screen training, and understand the biggest selling points of the product you are representing. You can use sites like GuideStar to learn more about the subject, or check out the Institute of Door Dealer Education & Accreditation.

  1. Choose A Product To Sell

It’s best to choose high-quality products from Crimsafe. Crimsafe security window and door screens are better at protecting private property, compared to other products, and the product’s superior features and benefits allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition.

  1. Start Finding Potential Customers

You’re going to want to start a website and a Facebook page to help you find potential customers. This can be done by you or you can hire a local agency to help you. You should also advertise with flyers, and consider marketing yourself to local customers directly, via door-to-door sales.  You may also consider TV, radio advertising or displaying the product at local home shows.

The more customers you can get, the faster your reputation will grow, so don’t be shy. Get out there, start selling your security doors and window screens today!

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