Avoid Alarm Systems: Be Proactive Not Reactive

There are many reasons that you may be wanting to invest in security, like alarm systems, whether it is for your home or your business. Although any security is still added security, some stand out above the rest. At Crimsafe, we encourage our customers to be proactive, not reactive. Meaning that with many security systems, they only are activated once an intruder enters the home.

Alarms are a great way to get alerts and notifications when someone is entering your home. There are a variety of options to choose from that include motion sensors, all the way to auto locks. Alarms can deter an intruder when it goes off, however, there are numerous reasons why alarm systems may not be the best security choice for you.

It Takes Time for Police Response

Many times, alarms will go off and by the time the alarm company calls and confirms the break-in and notifies the police, the intruder has already done a smash and grab. A smash and grab is when an intruder smashes an entry to the home to quickly enter, grabbing whatever they can. It may take up to five minutes depending upon where you live and response time to even reach your home or business. By that time the intruder could have damaged and stolen much of your property or even worse harmed those you love.

Alarm Systems can Malfunction

Like any product, alarm systems may malfunction. This can be due to numerous factors. Whether the system is out of date or malfunctioning it is not always guaranteed the alarm system will go off. You can also experience your fair share of false alarms. These could be times you forget your code, accidentally trip your alarm, or it goes off without warning or reason. This can be quite a nuisance and make it quite difficult

Easy to Forget to Activate

Alarm systems may become so apart of your home you forget that it’s even there! This can be especially difficult for those with memory issues. A forgotten alarm is a useless alarm, and many homeowners admit to forgetting to even set their alarm every day.

Cost of Alarm Systems

The cost for the system can also deter some homeowners. Especially since it is more than just a one-time investment, instead it is a maintenance cost and even a monthly monitoring cost.

Be Proactive Get Crimsafe

Instead of an alarm system that can be costly, malfunction, and break, and not prevent the problem before it occurs, get a Crimsafe security screen. Crimsafe security screens are investments in preventing the problem from the very beginning. Instead of intruders being able to even have access to your home or business, Crimsafe stops them in their tracks.


Crimsafe is kick proof, knife sheer tested and designed to withstand large amounts of pressure. Crimsafe is built with a patented screw-clamp fastening stems and tamper-resistant screws. This helps to clamp onto the mesh to have added strength. With 304 grade stainless steel, our security screens do not rust or decay and remain strong and durable.

Lifestyle Benefits

Not only is Crimsafe is name is ultimate security, but our screens also have added lifestyle benefits. One of which is the unhindered views. No unsightly bars or grills since our screens are so durable that they don’t need the added support of any grill or bars. Instead, Crimsafe security screens are a sleek and stylish design perfect for enhancing any home or business. Crimsafe security screens also are shown to reduce temperature inside by up to 12 degrees, this can be wonderful in hot summer months and save on energy costs.