Are Crime Rates Seasonal?

Crime is not totally seasonal phenomenon, but trends suggest that rates do change with the weather. Crime rates over the past 10 years have continued to decrease in almost all areas. However, you should still prepare for all situations. Understanding why crime changes can help us better defend our homes and communities, as well as taking measures to ensure that crime rates continue to fall in the coming years.


Violent crimes spike in the summer, most likely because of more hospitable environments for criminals. With more overall movement, crimes like rape, sexual assault, aggravated assault, and rape all increase. Burglary is also 11% more common during warmer months than winter. Property crimes are at the highest points during summer when the temperature is comfortable.

Though crime spikes during warm weather, once the temperature rises to 90 degrees Fahrenheit it actually falls again. Hotter temperatures cause more to take shelter indoors, lowering the risk of violent crimes as well.


Crimes like abduction and trafficking is known to spike during the back-to-school season. While your children are walking, taking the bus, or even attending after school activities- make sure they are informed and aware of safety practices that could save them from possibly becoming a victim.


Winter is not without crime. However, most areas in the U.S. experience fewer burglary and violent crimes due to the harsher weather. However, even in slow months, there is still one crime that doesn’t change year-round: car theft. Car theft actually increases in cases when the temperature drops below 10 degrees Fahrenheit as people leave their cars unlocked while they warm up during freezing temperatures.

Factors that influence crime rates

Many various studies in socio-economic impacts on crime suggest that lack of resources and support are the heaviest influences on crime spikes. Though warmer weather may lead to larger gatherings in public, violent crime is driven by the perceived lack of opportunity or education. Unfortunately, as inequality exists, crime rates will continue to increase on a seasonal basis.

A large contributing factor to property crime on the rise is simply traveling. As more families and individuals leave their homes unattended for weeks at a time, opportunities to become burglarized only exponentially increase. There are precautions you can take as a homeowner, see our recent article about what you can do while you plan a trip away to ensure your home is safe.

While we cannot control spikes in crime, you can control the protection of your house. The most effective way to prevent burglary is simply having a security system in place and advertising on your property. Having a simple alarm system, security screens for windows and doors, and/or a camera setup could save thousands in damages.

If you are looking into enhancing the security of your home, contact Crimsafe to see what products may be right for you.