Alarm or Security Screen? Which Should You Get?


Keeping your property and family safe is of utmost importance. This is why, as robberies and break-ins are increasing, more people are investing in security screen doors and alarm systems. Whether you live in a low or high crime rate area, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. There is no shortage of smart security measures that you can take to protect your home and your loved ones. People are investing in surveillance cameras, security screen doors and alarm systems. These are a few of the best options to keep intruders out. Read more to learn the pros and cons of alarm systems and security screen doors to determine which one you should get for your home.


Alarm System


Alarm systems are perfect for homes that need monitoring 24/7. Before leaving the house, all you have to do is set the alarm through a pin code that only you will know. You can even swipe a card to set the alarm. If an intruder tries to enter your property, the alarm will make a sound and alert the neighbors and nearby police. Besides keeping your house safe from intruders, alarm systems also increase your property value. Additionally, you feel relaxed when you leave home and safe when you’re inside it. Most alarm systems also come with phone applications which let you know about unusual activity as soon as your alarm is triggered.


Even though alarm systems are quite popular now, they are pretty easy to get around. If an intruder has planned a robbery, they can usually carry it out because an alarm system is not a physical barrier. Even though it’s effective, it might not work every time.  It also takes time for police to be notified and respond, so if a robber knows exactly what they are looking for, they can be in and out before they get caught.


Security Screen Door


Security screen doors are a great option if you want to keep your property safe. Besides being a visible deterrent, they are literally a physical barrier between the intruder and your house. If you don’t have a fence, your door is the first thing the intruder will try to open. Besides doors, security screens can also be added to your windows. These screens are made from tough quality steel making them nearly impenetrable.

Besides protecting your property, security screens are a great way to keep pests and storm debris out. They are also great for people who live in extreme heat and further add to the aesthetics of your home.


The effectiveness of a security screen door highly depends on the frame and door it’s installed in. If you have invested in a high quality screen door, it is better to attach it to a solid wood or steel door. Also, make sure your security screen door is attached to three hinges for better security. Although only a one time cost, these screens can be a sizable investment.



Both, security screens and alarm systems are effective ways to prevent robberies and break ins. However, screen doors provide a physical barrier between your house and the intruder, whereas the alarm system does not. To learn more about security screen doors and windows, visit our website today.