5 Holiday Home Security Tips

The holiday season is typically filled with all kinds of activities that might take you away from your home. Whether you’re going to look at the lights for an evening or going out of town for a week to visit family, you want to make sure that your home is protected while you’re away. Check out our 5 holiday home security tips and find out how you can enjoy your holiday plans without worrying about your home.

Keep Your Plans in Your Circle

With the prevalence of social media, it has become natural to post about our plans for family or friends to see. It is important to remember that social media isn’t always private though. The age-old saying- “don’t talk to strangers” applies to online interactions as well. You wouldn’t tell a stranger when you’ll be away from your home and for how long, and you should do the same about posting to social media. If you want to post about what you are doing on social media, consider posting once you have returned to your home or adjusting your privacy settings to limit who can view your account’s content.

Involve Your Neighbors

If you have a close relationship with your neighbors or have friends staying in the area over the holidays, asking them to check in on your home can help make sure that it is staying safe. Not only do you have the benefit of someone coming to your home to check the inside regularly, but from an outside perspective, it’ll look like there are people in the house at regular intervals.

Invest in Technology

Whether it be a home security system or lights that are automated, these additions to your home can help give you a sense of peace while you’re away. There are all kinds of technological safety devices to meet your needs. With advances in technology come advances in costs though. The more high-tech security system you go for, the more it could end up costing you.

Be Aware of Your Boxes

An easy way for someone to know the value of the items in your home is to see the packaging of goods you may have thrown out recently. We often don’t think about the empty boxes during the holiday season as much as we do the new things that came with it. Before throwing out the empty packaging, take some time to dismantle the box and put the pieces into opaque garbage bags. If you haven’t opened your gifts for the year, make sure that they are out of the line of sight for any windows.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

Although this may seem like a simple holiday home security tip, it’s something that people forget to do every day. Before leaving, get in the habit of checking your doors and windows to ensure they are closed and secured. If you keep a hidden key somewhere outside, be sure to bring it indoors or give it to the person you trust to watch your home while you are away. For an extra layer of security, consider investing in high-quality security screens for your doors and windows. A strong mesh screen will add another layer of protection to your home and act as a deterrent to any potential intruders.

At Crimsafe, we want you and your loved ones to have peace-of-mind and a safe holiday season. Our security screens provide 24/7 protection and maximum security to your home. Ask for a Crimsafe security screen this holiday season and get a quote for your home today.