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Knife Shear Test

This test is designed to simulate a knife attack on a screen, using the kind of small to medium blade favoured by home intruders. For this test, a Stanley Knife was used.

A test screen is mounted horizontally in a rigid frame and the Stanley Knife is fixed to a specially designed machine.

The blade is pulled along the mesh with a force of up to 350N (77 pounds, or 35kg) and a constant downward pressure of 150N (33 pounds, or 15kg) for a distance of 10 inches (250mm).

The test is performed three times along the same line with a new blade fitted each time. The test panel fails if a continuous penetration measuring more than 6 inches (15cm) is achieved after the 3 passes.

With our industry leading 0.9mm, 304 grade high tensile stainless steel Tensile-Tuff® mesh, all Crimsafe screens easily pass this test.




What makes Tensile-Tuff mesh so strong?

Firstly, we make Tensile-Tuff® with 304 grade Stainless Steel Security wire. It has a high tensile strength and a special elongation factor, which allows it to be woven into the exacting standards of Tensile-Tuff®.

Once it is woven into a mesh, our 304 Security wire has increased strength properties because all the interwoven strands have a "greater than the sum of its parts" effect to foil any knife attack.

Secondly, our mesh is made from .9mm wire. When compared to 0.8mm 316 wire, Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® 0.9mm 304 mesh is 26.5% thicker in cross-section, which assists its ability to absorb impact energy better at high tensile levels and makes it more appropriate for security applications.

To conduct your own knife shear test, enter your postcode above to contact a Crimsafe Licensee. They'll bring you a test sample and let you safely cut at it until you're convinced it can beat more burglars.