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Care and Cleaning


At the heart of your Crimsafe product is our Tensile-Tuff® woven high tensile 304 grade stainless steel mesh, surrounded by architectural grade aluminum framing. The Crimsafe mesh used in your product is highly corrosion resistant; however all meshes can act as a filter, trapping airborne dirt and impurities and reducing the lifespan of your product. Staining of the mesh coating caused by a combination of salt, moisture and airborne impurities may result in reddish marks (common airborne impurities) or ‘fluffy’ white marks (salt build up). It is therefore essential that routine maintenance occurs so as to keep the product in pristine condition and proper working order, as outlined in the following table:






More than 6 miles from

Beachfront or sheltered bay

Every 6



½ mile to 6 miles from beach -front or sheltered bay

2 to 3



Up to ½ mile from beachfront

Or sheltered bay

2 to 4


Notes 1. Beachfront refers to breaking surf causing airborne moisture

2. Sheltered bay refers to calm salt waters not experiencing surf conditions

3. Fresh water lakes are not considered high risk areas

4. Heavy industrial areas can be considered marine environments

5. The recommended maintenance intervals provided here are for general guidance only.

Some installations may require extra maintenance due to local environmental conditions

Regular maintenance involves a wash down of frames and mesh with a regular car wash using warm water and a soft bristled brush, followed by a clean water rinse.

For a fast and effective alternative using plain water, Crimsafe recommend a HaRa® Green Glove, this glove is supplied with instructions for best results and can be used in between car wash cleans.

Crimsafe recommends protecting its products with Oxi Shine™ a multi surface sealer that cleans polishes and protects and will greatly assist in reducing buildup of dust, dirt and airborne particles, making ongoing cleaning and maintenance easier. Application instructions are provided on the Oxi Shine™ bottles.

The Ha Ra® Glove and Oxi Shine™ can be purchased through your Crimsafe supplier or directly through Crimsafe North America L.L.C.